A values-based approach to open humanities

For this year’s virtual OASPA conference, members of our working group collaborated with the HuMetricsHSS team to create a poster illustrating a values-based approach to Open.

green background, icon circles and text
OASPA Conference 2021

Presented by Catherine Cocks, Assistant Director and Editor-in-Chief, Michigan State University Press, USA, the presentation looked at the HuMetricsHSS framework as a way to align open values of the humanities, as they pertain to public scholarship.

Key values of accountability, candor & transparency, learning from failure, open process and open source were explored as an alternative to the dominant narrative of ‘who pays’? The idea being that to reach an equitable mode of open for the humanities, we have to get the values right.

What do you think? How might the HuMetricsHSS framework support you?